The Flexible Plan Is The Best Plan

Yesterday I was a little concerned about my new study plan. I felt like I was falling short.

This morning I made up some of the time I had missed on my plan. It didn’t take long to plug the gap and I was actually more eager to study because I wanted to prove to myself that I could manage it.

Now, looking at my study plan, I’m happy with how I’ve started.

However, today I skipped a planned study hour, and yet I don’t feel concerned…


Well I did feel a little concerned. For the first three days of my study plan, I’ve kept making changes. Monday I decided to just wipe off the business statistics studying. Tuesday I didn’t complete a full hour as planned. Today I finished off yesterday’s study hour and didn’t even begin today’s.

A flexible plan

But I also moved today’s study hour to Friday, where I had a gap from taking out the business statistics course. And now I’m starting to feel good about my plan.

Life is messy, unexpected things come up, plans go awry. Being flexible is the best way to counteract that.

Because I was honest with myself that doing the business statistics course would be too much for me right now with everything else, I feel better about having free time. Now that I have gaps in my plan, it is more flexible and I can move study hours between different days if something comes up. Routines are great, and I will keep the study hours where they are if I can, but I can also move them around.

Making a plan is exciting, following a plan is rewarding, but being able to flex the plan is empowering.

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