A Flexible Plan Is An Agile Plan!

Yesterday I was talking about a flexible plan being the best type of plan. It made a lot of sense to me, but I felt like I was missing something.

This morning it hit me as I was reading an article about Agile practices. What I had been describing was an Agile plan!


I can’t describe what Agile is very well myself, it’s sort of a philosophy. One Agile framework is Scrum, which favours short bursts of planned work, with no deviations, and a regular review of obstacles, learnings and future opportunities.

It occurred to me that if I revisit the concepts of Scrum and try to apply them to my planning, it might fit my style of working even better than what I’m trying to do now.

Maybe I’m wrong, but to be honest, I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to try Scrum and now I have one.

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