This Excel Guy Is An Analyst

It is not uncommon for me to compare my last job with this one and feel grateful for what I’m doing now. Today I found myself there again. Recently I’ve been tracking my working time on Toggl, not everything but close enough. Today, all my time spent working on the report came to less than an hour. That’s a far cry from my last role! The reporting could take 4 hours straight or more, and that was only Monday reporting!

To be fair, it was specifically a reporting role and it helped me learn something very important. I didn’t always want to be just working on reports, I wanted to add real business value.

Rockin’ the role!

My current role fits me a lot better and it’s only improving. One of my favourite things in my last role, developing tools and processes, is a fundamental part of my current role. I get to do stuff like that every single week, just as my job.

Data gathering and preparation is also a big part of my role now. And rather than burying that data in many reports that nobody cares about for more than a month, it’s going into updates and analyses of tests that we’re running. Gradually I am finding better ways of collecting, storing and presenting that data. It’s becoming easier and more exciting.

It isn’t all perfect, but I can see my skills growing almost every week, in areas that matter. I’m not a data scientist yet, but I’m not just the Excel guy any more either.

My name is Iain Saunders, and I am an analyst.

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