Goodbye Twitter, Hello Boredom My Old Friend

I’ve just deactivated my Twitter account. I only started it up so that I could reach more people, but more and more I find myself drawn into reading about things I wouldn’t otherwise be pursuing.

Such is the trouble with social media in general. You think, “I’ll just take a quick look”, and hours pass you by.

This shutting out of external influences does somewhat put me into a bubble. I’m aware of that. But there I things I want to achieve and to do that I need to be more focused.

Calm. quiet, pleasant but dull. Perfect!

Just this morning I deleted the Twitter app from my phone and several times I felt its absence. I wasn’t even a regular Twitter user!

Readers of my blog will know I already quit Facebook a long time ago, I don’t have Instagram either.

The best thing about getting away from social media is that you can be bored again. Being bored allows your mind to wander, occupy itself with other things. Some of our best ideas come when we’re bored or doing something really simple and routine.

Bring on the boredom!

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