28 Weeks Later (JK, It’s 28 Days Later Part 2)

No, I did not really care for the sequel to 28 Days Later.

This is how they got in…

But this post is not about that. This post is an update of my earlier post, 28 Days Later, where I realised I had 28 days to complete 30 hours of studying. Eeek! So where am I now?

Well, I would like to be more than halfway, but it’s difficult to tell if I am! I have around 16 study hours left, but I also have two and a half projects to complete! I’ve booked this Friday off of work and will have the house to myself all day, so I should be able to at least get that half done!

Anyway, I don’t have time to sit around typing about what I’m going to do, I have to just do it!

I just completed the study portion of A/B testing which was really fun and cool, now onto Time Series forecasting!

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