One Step Closer But Still Waiting

Today I uploaded to a shared folder what could be the last thing needed for me to start my Data Science degree. I would be more excited about it, but this was for a conditional offer. They could still withdraw it at this stage, unlikely but possible. So as momentous as the moment could have been, I find myself still just waiting. Until they give me that final nod, I don’t feel like I can relax about it.

I know my destination, I’m just not yet certain of when I’ll get there

This is a running theme in my life and as anxious as it makes me, it keeps me prepared. There have been times when I’ve thought something would go through and it didn’t. And because I wasn’t ready for failure, it hit me hard.

It’s tiring, and tense, but disappointment is easier to take this way.

Being prepared for failure has helped me develop a thicker skin towards criticism and learn from it. In my current job, I even embrace negative feedback because I can see the opportunity there.

I’m definitely going to be studying Data Science in my future, I just can’t say for certain if it will be on this degree yet. And that’s okay.

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