Almost Back On Track After Minor Derailment

Turns out I just have two projects to complete in my Nanodegree to be back on track!

Toot toot, ride those rails to the end baby

I’ve started one and have the other printed out in front of me. The second one actually seems like it might be easier to complete, maybe because the information is fresher in my mind.

I’ve also bundled everything I need into one document, which I think was something I missed before. I like to see the entire picture, having lots of little pieces seems to make me anxious.

These two projects aren’t easy, but they represent clear progress, and that excites me. After these, there is around 10 hours of studying left to do, much of which I could tackle this weekend. Then I’ll be ahead again!

One of the things that pulled me behind was just growing tension and stress of workload. There have been challenges at work but I overcame them last week and am back on good footing. With that off my mind, I can really focus on other things and push myself to finish this thing off.

And if I do it early, I can review everything again to make sure I understand it all, especially ARIMA and ETS forecasting models, which I’m still puzzled by!

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