My Study Grind Is Almost Over

I haven’t posted anything here for over a week because any spare time I have to put my mind to something, I’ve been studying.

As much as I’ve grown to enjoy it, writing does still take some effort. I’ve decided to expend that effort on studying instead, since I am so close to the deadline!

With that said, the grind is nearly over!

Now just gotta land it!

Over the last week I’ve submitted two projects, which both passed, and have started on the final module.

The final module was a little confusing, it should actually be split in two. It starts on clustering and segmentation (good for analysing huge groups of stuff) and appears to end on using Tableau. How is that one module? Maybe because in validating your clusters, you need to visualize them with Tableau?

Never mind.

I am now on the final stretch and slightly lamenting that the course will be over soon. A quick search online shows that I won’t maintain any sort of long term access to the course content, so I need to download and aggregate what I can once it’s over.

Not only that, but my student licenses for Alteryx and Tableau won’t last for much longer either!

I’m mostly pleased that it’s almost over, my free time will be just that again. No more feeling guilty over not studying enough when I’m worn out from work already.

I’ll probably take some weekend naps while I can, the Data Science degree isn’t terribly far away!

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