What Can I Bring To The Table(au)?

In the last section of the Nanodegree, I’m learning how to use Tableau to investigate my data. It was one of my main goals in taking this particular Nanodegree actually, so I’m glad I’m finally at that point!

With that said, I have been getting a lot more comfortable and capable with Power Query. I feel like I can accompllish a lot more by building on that than I can in Tableau, although they can certainly be paired together.

Power BI is getting better and better and I can try it out as much as I want for as long as I want. And for Tableau, I can “cut my teeth” on Tableau Public to get the majority of my learning.

We’re going to be adopting a BI tool at work eventually, and I want to be prepared for anything. Power BI appeals to me the most because it’s so familiar, but I need to be prepared for any tool that comes along.

The main criteria for successfully adopting a BI tool is buy-in from everyone who should use it, and they’ll want the easiest tool to use.

A year ago, I was fearful that some of my work would be taken over by Tableau, this time I’m worried that it’s taking a long time to even begin a trial!

At least I’ll be ready when it comes.

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