Not Where I Thought I’d Be And Grateful

I have around 6 weeks before my Data Science degree begins.

I think I’m starting to get nervous about it now. Studying for the Udacity Nanodegree has already been pretty hard! And it isn’t even over yet!

If someone had told me when I started this new job that I would be studying for a Bachelor’s degree 6 months later, I would have thought they were mad.

I’m really lucky to have found this opportunity, no other place I’ve worked has been so generous and encouraging as this.

It’s nice to work in a company that believes in you.

One thought on “Not Where I Thought I’d Be And Grateful

  1. All this degree will do is mature the data scientist in you, which is why I think this picture is appropriate: just like with the pupa, there is already a butterfly inside, it just needs to be brought into shape. Metamorphosis. Morphogenesis, or in your case, datascientistgenesis.

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