I play this browser-based game,, and it gets me so frustrated sometimes!

It’s pretty addictive, so I don’t play it too frequently, it’s like a modern take on the old snake games that used to be on phones like the Nokia 3210. This version however, is multiplayer, and your body is safe while the other snake bodies are like walls; think Tron lightcycles but on a massive scale. pro level

So what gets me frustrated? Losing to another player who basically kamikazes us both. Why take me down if you aren’t going to survive dammit? This isn’t a war, there are no teams, it’s every snake for himself.

This is only one thing frustrating me about this game tonight, it frustrates me for many other reasons. Sometimes it’s really good though, when I’m winning for example.

But it’s the risk of losing that makes it fun I suppose. That and it’s a bit of a release for me because I’m usually quite reserved. When I’m playing I am definitely not reserved. I’m loud, cursing, complaining about the other players. Chasing them down, trapping them, being vengeful. It feels good to do that in a place with no consequences.

I guess that’s what many people are doing when they play online really.

Still ticks me off when they get me and then lose themselves..

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