Coming Clean On Frustration

Yesterday I wrote a post about how frustrating this game,, can be.

On reflection, it wasn’t really the game at all. Sure there were other players acting in seemingly irrational ways, but that’s normal, I expect that.

The reason my frustration got blown out of proportion is that I couldn’t understand some details of the final project in my Udacity Nanodegree.

Here’s the T, and it’s close to boiling over

The first task was to cluster stores together based sales data, then justify the choice of number of clusters with data and visualizations.

I thought I had an edge too, because I read all of the project details and found that I should have 3 clusters and they should contain no less than 20 stores and no more than 40.

The problems came when I realised that I didn’t really know WHY I should use the clustering settings that would bring me those numbers. I got them of course, but it’s if you don’t know why one method works and another doesn’t, how are you going to re-use it in the future? All I had to go on were some tips and a quiz within the project details.

The answers actually came from outside the course material, reminding me that you can’t expect to be taught everything directly. Sometimes, if you want to really understand what you’re learning, you need to do your own research.

I got there in the end and it was a struggle so I’ll probably remember it better in the future. Still a little ticked off though.

Stupid game…

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