From Excel To Data Science

Today I was doing plenty of data prep stuff in Excel using Power Query, and waiting for it to load my changes over and over again.

While I was waiting, I had an idea: could I transition my Excel work over to R?

I found this:

And this:

So it seems very realistic for me to want to make that transition, it may even make learning R simpler for me thanks to my familiarity with Excel.

I already loaded the diamonds dataset in RStudio to a dataframe and was presented with a very familiar view:

Spreadsheets in R!

Having used Excel tables a LOT this year made this thing a piece of cake to use, I even added the total column myself just to try it out.

I’m getting excited about starting my Data Science degree in September, but looking at the benefits of learning and using R, and how accessible it could be for me, I might not be able to wait!

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