Udacity Saves The Day

I am so far off track with my Nanodegree, the deadline came and went yesterday.

Luckily, what also came yesterday was an email from Udacity explaining that they were giving me another 4 weeks to complete the course!

And that’s a save!

This is something I had read about before on their website, but I still really wanted to complete the course on schedule. Unfortunately, my stubbornness got in the way. I really didn’t want to turn in my project when I still didn’t really understand ARIMA and ETS modeling.

ARIMA and ETS models are used to forecast time series data. I can create them with Alteryx and test their accuracy, but I can’t tell you how I turned out with a particular model.

That’s a problem.

Although it isn’t one of the criteria for completing the project, I just didn’t feel like I could submit my project without understanding why the solutions ARE the solutions.

I am grateful for Udacity’s generosity in extending courses like this when the deadline comes up, otherwise I would have had to submit something I wasn’t happy with.

Understanding ETS and ARIMA models is really the final hurdle and then I will be DONE.

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