Battling Stubbornness With Stubbornness

I am so stubborn that I will struggle on a problem for a long time by myself without asking for help. When it looks like I won’t be able to do it, I’d rather just take a break. And then, I’ll just keep searching forums for similar enough questions rather than asking myself.

Bears are pretty stubborn too

So my current problem is with not fully understanding how to apply ETS and ARIMA models. I can use the auto options, but that’s doesn’t satisfy me. I don’t want to submit my final project with auto options that I can’t understand, but finally my drive to actually complete the project has taken over.

Today I finally cracked and asked for help from the mentors on Udacity.

It took around an hour to get a response, but I did get direct messages from one of the mentors. She explained much of what I’d seen already and helped me understand some of the parts that had been difficult for me. I still have some more questions, but I’ll finish reading the material I was sent and take it from there.

My stubbornness to discover the answers myself have been overruled by my stubbornness to get this project DONE and done right.

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