Show Me What You Got

Historically I’ve been averse to public speaking, but lately presenting thoughtfully has been on my mind.

For example, at work our weekly meetings have a couple of people simply reading their notes aloud. Since they send out the notes before the meeting, this didn’t feel like it added value to the meeting and so I called it out as something to change next time. Next meeting we’re going to read all the notes first and then discuss things.

And this morning while walking to work, I was thinking about interview questions I would like to be asked if I were on a podcast.

So when an email hit my inbox at 8:05am asking for volunteers to make a presentation about their work to another team, my positive response went out 5 minutes later.

I’ve become so engaged with my work and workplace, that I want to help others get engaged.

Step up to the mic

After arriving at home, I took another step against the old me; I asked my wife to watch me do a hastily improvised presentation to call out what might work and what might not. Instead of deliberate over what the content should be, I tested myself to see how long it would take to get my main points across.

We did it twice and I clocked around 10 minutes for the main points each time. Not bad for an improv when the target is 15!

Now I’m thinking how to flesh out the main points more clearly and what sub points I should include. Building up that final 5 minutes shouldn’t be a problem.

The more I show what I got, the more I seem to get back. I’m looking forward to something I used to dread and I’m so happy about it!

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