Getting Ready For Data Science

Yesterday I got my student number from the University that I am doing my Data Science apprenticeship with and I am so excited!

Honestly, I thought I had missed my chance to do a degree and resigned myself to never having one. I’ve done okay for myself and I was quite sure that I didn’t need one. But over the last couple of years, it’s become more and more apparent how useful it would be to not only have that level of education, but also to have something that is as recognisable as a degree.

So here I am, at 32, getting ready to begin studying for a bachelor’s degree in Data Science!

I’ve already had a preview of some of the content, as this being an apprenticeship a lot of the learning has to be online. Absolutely fine with me, I’ve accomplished a lot through online learning!

One of the benefits I am really excited about right now is the student discounts. A LOT of software is free for students, or very heavily discounted (much more than the standard 10% student discount you see around). Alteryx and Tableau, two products I’ve been using a lot in my Nanodegree, have completely free student licenses available if you can prove you’re a student!

Now I just need to finish up that Nanodegree, and this is just the thing to motivate me to do it.

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