Student Freebies

Okay, so maybe this is a little unfair to be celebrating, since not everyone will have the option, but I am really happy about all the free stuff you get access to as a student!

To begin with, one of the learning platforms that York St John are using is LinkedIn Learning (formerly There is SO much content on there. Obviously I am going to use it legit for my Data Science degree, but it certainly won’t hurt to brush up some other skills there too. In fact, York St John actively encourages that and gives student support for achieving Microsoft certifications during your degree for example!

Another thing, which I think I mentioned before, is the free software. Especially the free analytics software. I believe that if I become really proficient in using it, it will be much easier to convince my boss to get business licenses. Then my job gets a lot easier, again!

Then there’s all the free eBooks that you can download and read any time forever. I’m going to build myself quite the library before I’m through!

And finally there’s the career services. I’ve never had career coaching and it’s something I’ve been thinking about more in the last couple of years. Even though I’m sure I’m on the right track now, a little more direction would certainly help.

I’m so glad that I pushed for the Data Science degree over the Business Analyst Apprenticeship that was first offered in my current job’s offer. I’m going to learn so much!

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