Business Statistics: The End Is Nigh!

Since I’ve finally finished my Nanodegree, I have time to worry about the other course I started months ago; Business Statistics!

Fortunately, I only had one course and the capstone left in this specialization. After a 3-4 month break, I was worried that it would be tricky, but it didn’t take long to get back into things.

In fact, I just finished up the hypothesis testing course tonight and passed, so I’m pretty happy with that.

I didn’t get particularly far with the capstone before because the week 2 assessments leaned very heavily towards hypothesis testing. Until I had completed that course, I couldn’t get very far in the capstone.

So tonight I completed the week 2 assessments for the capstone as well, with a passing grade over 90% on both! Yay!

All that is left are the two peer-reviewed assignments.


Well, I haven’t looked at them yet, but they could take a good deal of time. Also, I would have to review and mark at least one other assignment, which would also take some time.

So now, with the end in sight, I feel a little bit stuck.

If I complete the capstone in the next 3 days, I’ll beat it before the next billing cycle and save myself some cash, and gain some pride.

On the other hand, my induction for the Data Science degree is in 2 days, and I really want to be prepared for that!

The end is nigh, but I might have to push it back. I’ll update tomorrow to let you know.

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