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I’ve decided to put completing the Business Statistics course on hold again.

Even though I’m on the final two assessments, I don’t want to rush myself through them just to complete it before the next billing cycle on the 13th. That’s too much pressure man!

Instead, I am going to moderately chill by focusing instead on the induction material for the Data Science degree, which I’ll be attending on Thursday and Friday.

I am super excited for this.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I didn’t even realise Data Science was a thing I could be interested in just a year ago.

I knew of Data Science, I just didn’t see myself in it.

How times have changed.

I’ve overcome my feeling of impostor syndrome and am now comfortable to call myself an analyst. Not only do I have plenty of work projects backing that up, but now also a Predictive Analytics Nanodegree from Udacity.

I have probably done more than enough in the Business Statistics course to consider myself at least familiar with that area too. Just need to bring it home and get that certificate.

So I’m just going to make sure I’m ready for the next big thing that starts this week and worry about statistics later.


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