Data Science Degree Day One: Follow Up

My first day with the University was scary in the beginning (see here), but ended up being fun.

It felt a little disorganised and part of that is because it is one of the first Data Science Apprenticeships available. I’m sure many more will follow, but for now we’re pioneers.

After we went through some of the induction material together and learned a little about the e-learning tools, we had lunch and a little time to relax, shortly followed by a group photo.

The day was much more chill after that, I guess everyone started the day nervous. We were given a group task in the afternoon and as we started going through it together, it started getting fun! We were all still a little unsure, but we could see that in each other and it calmed us down I guess.

After today’s experience, I feel much better about where I am. I met people fresh out of school, those who had been in family businesses with no experience at all, veterans who knew their company inside out and a few who knew about python. It was quite a mix. And I was one of them.

Today I became a student, and it was good.

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