Very Late Spring Cleaning

Today I’ve been preparing for my Data Science degree.

Setting up my calendar, preparing for next steps, downloading the bits I need.

And then I remembered I wanted to make some small changes on my website, and so I’ve just put some through (which you may notice if you’ve visited lately).

Basically, some time ago I read some very good articles about how people engage better with images on posts, so I tried to make my blog more visually appealing.

However, this wasn’t really what I’m about. I’m all about the data (although I’m not averse to visual analysis!).

So we’ve gone back to basics here. I haven’t been using images for the last few weeks and I’ve taken them away from the thumbnails on the main pages.

If you like reading my stuff, a royalty-free image isn’t going to make you enjoy it any more than you already do, so why I am adding these things?

I want my blog to be about what I want to write, and I want as few obstacles to getting my posts written as possible. I thought I was improving it, but I was just making things more difficult for myself all along.

Maybe I’ll add some contextual images later on, a picture of someone scribbling in a journal for personal posts like this one for example, but I’m not going to push myself to find a related image to every post. I write about data and analytics and there are only so many times you can show a picture of a computer!

Anyway, that’s my little rant explaining the change, see you next time amigos.

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