New Look, Better Site?

This week is my week off work and I’ve been gaming, reading and studying.

Then today I spent many hours completely revamping this site.

New buttons, new menus, new links and a new page, all for you dear readers!

I felt like the site just wasn’t as simple as I wanted it to be, images and coloured boxes floating around with very little relation to what I actually wanted.

The new aesthetic has a newspaper feel to it that I like, and I’ve made the sidebar menu more contextual; blog menu items on blog pages, external links for courses on my online learning page and direct links to for my new recommended reading page (which you can take a look at here).

This has certainly not been a quick and easy refresh, but I certainly feel better about this format. I hacked together some custom CSS, installed plugins for the new buttons and contextual sidebars, and I even checked that it works out on mobile. After all this work, it feels much more ME.

I may introduce some further changes this week, only to tie up a few loose ends though, no more drastic changes are planned!

Anyway, I hope you guys like it, feedback in the comments is very welcome.

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