Last Day Of Freedom Coming Up!

It’s easy to lament the last day before going back to work when you’ve had some time off. I’m doing it right now. Why can’t it last longer?

Well, thinking back, it’s been enough time. I’ve read three fiction books. I’ve played through two games in the Spyro trilogy. I’ve read a whole lot of stuff about viruses for my assessment essay. I’ve applied for and got student licenses for several different software packages. I’ve stayed up late, had lie ins and napped in the middle of the day. I’ve skimmed Reddit, browsed many random videos on YouTube and completely revamped the look of my website.

So it would be nice to have another week off to lounge around and do nothing, but this time off I’ve had hasn’t really been too short at all.

So tomorrow is my last day off, and that’s okay.

Plus I have two weeks off in the middle of October anyway, woohoo!

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