Better Life Because Of Stress?

I have a very receptive mind to new ideas, even ones that challenge beliefs I’ve held for years. I can consider the validity of someone’s point even if it is in complete opposition to my own. So imagine my curiosity after I’d begun reading a book on anxiety when it told me that stress can be really good for us and it’s our mindset that makes it harmful.

Stress in an ever present concern, especially for me, so if changing my mindset can transform stress into something beneficial, I am all for it.

One of the claims that is that when people were shown a video of the benefits we can gain from stress, they went on to experience those benefits when put under stressful conditions. This is a little like the placebo effect, except that all we need to continue experiencing the benefits is to accept the change in mindset.

Something else about mindset that I hadn’t really grasped before, is that we can switch between different mindsets depending on what we’re exposed to. I’d thought of mindset being something that we developed or chose and then we continued having that mindset. Actually, mindset is much more flexible than that and we can switch from one mindset to another very easily. Something as simple as looking at images of baby animals can gives us a more positive mindset for example.

I have only read a sample of the book, The Upside Of Stress, but I’ve got the full copy on order from and it will be arriving in the next couple days.

I’m really excited about the idea that we can benefit from stress because I feel like I experience stress a lot in my life. If I can transform it into something good, I may have found myself a superpower.

After all, Bruce Banner’s secret to controlling his Hulk transformations is that he’s always angry and he channels that anger when he needs it. Why can’t we channel stress the same way?

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