A Single Intervention Can Change Your Life

A single mindset intervention can change your life.

That’s the message I’m getting right at the beginning of the book, The Upside Of Stress, and it’s pretty exciting.

Over the years I have frequently made efforts to improve my mindset. The most successful of these have been when I developed a more favourable mindset from books I read, such as The Goal, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.

In these studies on changing mindset, the ones I’ve read so far anyway, there are three key components of the intervention.

  1. Read an article on how this mindset can be changed, e.g.: freshman students at uni read an article about how many people feel like outsiders in the beginning, but it changes over their first year and they feel much more like they belong by the end of it
  2. Testimonials from people who have benefited from the mindset change
  3. Thinking about what has just been read and writing an essay on it

Books are an amazing format in that they can cover the first two components really easily. The third one is a trickier, but if we want to change our mindset and we know these three key components, what’s to stop us doing these for ourselves?Or

I’m not going to do anything like that yet, I still have to finish the book. I’ve been excited about transforming mindset before, the idea that it can be done so quickly and have lasting impact is new to me though.

Absolutely looking forward to the rest of this book now!

NB: For more book recommendations, check out my hand-picked favourites here: https:iainsaunders.uk/recommended-reading/

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