The Death Of The Desktop Is A Tragedy

Something you often notice in modern workplaces is that a lot of people are working from laptops, even when they have a desk and never move it.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, portability is inherently useful and more easily allows remote working after all. Remote working is the way to go!

But when you have analysts and one of their concerns is the 1 million row limitation in Excel, they are going to need a desktop one day.

I know this because in my current job I’ve been working from a laptop, and it’s been fine, mostly. But I’ve been using Powerquery a lot and as you may know from my older posts, it’s been absolutely chugging along at times. The horror of a half hour refresh just to reload data has reared it’s head several times.

Sure, I need to optimise better, but I’m still learning and while I’m learning I need my horribly inefficient models to still work!

So this week I challenged my manager with some options to help speed up my work and one of those was to get me a second computer, and happily his solution was a desktop.

Now, I only just got this desktop today and had about an hour with it, but it refreshed one of my workbooks in under 2 minutes. It took over 20 on my laptop before!

So please, if you have an analyst on your team and they’re using a laptop, give them a desktop too. Don’t hamper their productivity with trendy hardware when they need a workhorse. And if you’re an analyst working on a laptop, request a desktop! It’s at least a 10% productivity boost and that’s half a day every single week. Half. A. Day. Minimum.

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