When Inspiration Rings, Answer The Call

Lately I’ve been thinking about communication and knowledge sharing and collaboration and all that good stuff. These things excite and inspire me and when I express that, I feel great.

Unfortunately, my introverted nature coupled with my desire to get everything done right now makes it difficult for me to spend time working on the communication things.

But luckily I have a blog and when inspiration hits, this is my outlet!

You may be reading this and thinking, “where has your inspiration been for the last few weeks?”. Yeah, I haven’t written much for a while. Everything else in my life has taken focus and I haven’t felt like I had the energy to write. I’ve had the energy to do a lot of unimportant things of course, but that’s what it takes to maintain good mental and emotional health. You’ve got to be willing to just say “screw it all” and do nothing for a while.

That’s all done, I’ve just completed a very intense week of work, and now I’m letting my metaphorical hair down.

It’s about time.

Anyway, this is basically a post to say, don’t be down on yourself when you need a break from life. Take it! When you get back to yourself, you can just carry on from where you left off, reinvigorated because you put yourself first.

This post says, I am inspired after my break and this is the result.

This post says, just do it.

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