I Am Excited For Monday

Today I am not going on holiday.

It is not my birthday.

I have not won anything.

I am not attending a special event.

Today I am going back to work, as usual, after the normal weekend off.

So why am I excited?

Well, I had a very busy week last week, a lot to do and I even hated doing some of it. But it forced me to re-evaluate how I work and I started seeing some gaps, or rather, opportunities.

So I communicated some of those insights to my manager and asked him to help me out with them, and you know what, he delivered.

This is what motivates people to work hard, giving them what they need to do their best. Treats, team events, bonuses, they sound great in theory, but in practice what really motivates people at work is when they are given everything they need to do a great job.

I suggested four options and got one of them. It took a week, but it’s ready for me now and now I am excited for today. It really doesn’t take a lot to get the best out of people, cooperation, understanding and a little investment in the right tools.

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