We’re All Idiots To Someone

One morning whilst walking to work, a person on a mobility scooter was in front of me heading slowly towards me, overtaking about 3 people.

Judging the space, it looked like they could easily squeeze through another person and myself without even needing to slow down (though they may do if they’re cautious).

I moved to the side of the path to make as much room as possible and went back to checking my phone, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

As I suspected, the person on the mobility scooter managed to pass between myself and other pedestrians without any visible trouble or slowdown. This, however, was not good enough for that person, who muttered “idiots” as she passed.

Instantly set me into giggles.

Maybe this person was having a bad morning otherwise, there certainly wasn’t any idiotic behaviour from all these people moving to the side for this mobility scooter, that I could see. Given that I live in London where crowding is frequent, it’s pretty amusing for someone to be bothered when they are given so much space to get through.

Just a little reminder that we are all idiots to someone, even if we think we’re doing everything right!

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