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I’m not a big fan of clothes shopping, and because of that, it’s taken me a long time to find my style. I’m most of the way there now, but I know I could be missing out on looking good because I just don’t have the eye for it.

So I’ve been browsing Reddit more lately for entertainment, and of course they have some well placed adverts there and one I see more than most is for Thread.

Thread is a website that offers to take the effort out of styling yourself and instead uses an algorithm guided by a team of stylists to suggest clothes that would look good on you depending on your preferences and budget.

You can also get £20 off your first order over £50 if you follow one of their many ad or referral links (my referral link below):

£50 of clothing for £30? It didn’t take long for the advert to win me over.

You go through a short quiz thing where you input some measurements, brand preferences and click on a bunch of pictures of the people dressed in the styles you like. Easy peasy.

It gives you some instant insights and introduces your stylist, who will guide you towards clothes they think you’ll like.

And you know what, the very first recommendations did include a jumper I liked but would have been unsure of if I’d seen it myself in a store. I ordered it immediately with the £20 off, got it a couple days later and I have to admit that I look good in it. So Thread have won themselves a customer in me, for service and convenience. I didn’t like everything they suggested, but I’m happy enough with my first impression to recommend them to anyone else who wants to add a little more style to their wardrobe in an easy way.

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