Hello Trello My Old Friend

So a long time ago now, I discovered Trello and became very friendly with it. At the time I was overloaded and disorganised and something had to be done.

Trello’s simple card system is like digital Post-Its on a board, and is a great start. However, I didn’t find that it suited routines particularly well. There are tons of add-ins and ways of working with it, but it became a maintenance challenge and I moved on to other tools.

Back to now, I do not have a routine. Week to week I am doing different things, and trying to fit that all into task descriptions in Todoist or as notes in a Bullet Journal just wasn’t cutting it for me.

So I am back on Trello!

Being able to just whip up a random card about any task in a matter of seconds is a huge plus. Another is being able to shuffle the cards around into the order you want, like prioritisation.

A common template is to have three lists; To Do, Doing, Done. You move your cards through these lists as they get to these stages, adding comments as they hit obstacles or conditions change. Easy.

But it can, and often does, get more complex from there.

As someone who has been deep in the Trello trenches, I have some tips that will save you from Trello misery, so stay tuned for upcoming posts on that.

Or, if you’re an eager beaver, here are my three top recommendations and you can figure out what to do with them yourself!

  1. Trello folds: Chrome add-in that lets you hide lists
  2. Trello Plus: Chrome add-in that lets you add work time and estimates to cards.
  3. Toggl: there is a Chrome add-in, but I prefer to use the desktop app myself.

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