Internal Company Blogs Are A Thing!?

I may not be a big talker, but I love communication. Why else would I blog?

Something that comes into my mind now and then is communication at the workplace. It’s easy to just start a chat in the kitchen while making a cup of tea with anyone, which I really like. And Microsoft Teams makes it really easy to just chat to anyone any time.

But the bane of my work life is email. Ugh. As much as I love communication, email is just not the way.

It’s hard to search through, you get all the old email history in everything, you have to organise it yourself. It’s so barbaric.

And then you archive it, then you have to search the archive.

I’ve missed the good old company intranet, which I was exposed to at my very first proper proper job. There wasn’t a lot on it, but one of the things it did have was persistence. Any time you logged on, there were the messages and posts and announcements that mattered to the company and it’s employees.

You didn’t have to dig up old announcements on email.

You didn’t have to navigate the company network for the files you needed.

You just hop on the intranet, do a search and voila, stuff.

But companies don’t want to do intranets, they cost money, they don’t get updated, people lose interest.

Fine. Make a blog.



So this idea popped into my head that, actually, an internal blog would sort out a lot of the intranet issues. You give everyone in the company an opportunity to get their voice heard. They can start their own blog of ideas and thoughts or contribute to team blogs. They can interact with each other via comments or voting.

And it turns out I’m not crazy, because one of the companies whose collaborative work culture I’ve respected for a while, Atlassian, are huge fans of the internal company blog too. They have one, right in one of their tools, Confluence.

Before reading that post from Atlassian, I had already read this one from who actually provides a service for internal blogs.

And it’s super simple and easy to use! It’s been a much more streamlined experience than I’ve had using WordPress, because it doesn’t need to be as customisable of course.

So being a man of action (some would say impatient), I decided to set up a demo blog as proof of concept for my workplace. I’ve already added a few posts under different categories. Company announcements, team outings, knowledge sharing, awful puns, I’ve covered all the main bases that we should expect in a company blog.

I won’t share it here because I also want to show it can be secure, otherwise we won’t get executive buy in, and that’s obviously where projects live and die.

I’d love to hear some thoughts from people reading this about internal blogs. Does your workplace have one? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Are you inspired to get one launched at your workplace?

Tell me what you think

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