Data Science Contact Week 1 Day 2

Yesterday was my first day on the proper hands-on learning with programming a bit of interdisciplinary stuff.

This morning was about analysis and optimisation and it was more about demonstrating to us what the point of all this maths is. Basically if you know the good maths, you can massively optimise your code and functions. Otherwise you’ll be writing out long formulas that are a pain to debug and adapt.

This afternoon was much more heavy going because we were working on linear algebra.

I managed well enough with multiplying vectors and matrices, but then we were talking about projections and stuff and I was a bit lost.

Nevertheless, we had that for four hours so I just worked until I got stuck, took a break and started somewhere else, over and over. I actually got through more than I thought I could!

So that’s day 2 done and although it wasn’t quite as fun as day 1, it was super useful, even the hard stuff.

Now I’m going to chill a little with a book before I ask my wife to explain all the hard maths to me!

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