Data Science Contact Week 1 Day 3

I forgot to post this last night, so if I remember tonight then there will be two posts for today.

Day 3 the morning was spent primarily on probability, most specifically on the usage of Bayes’ Theorem.

It was something I’d come across before, but higher level so there weren’t the examples I was used to.

Because I hadn’t practiced enough, the concept was difficult to hammer into my brain. The way I’ve learned to understand many things up to now is by applying them repeatedly and seeing how the results change each time. Maybe not the best way to learn, especially when in a University environment they’re teaching theory with a couple of examples before the real practice begins.

After a pretty difficult morning, programming was actually pretty relaxing. Took a while to get my code working, I guess the biggest learning of the day was different methods of debugging python code. Definitely a useful thing to learn as most of my programming knowledge grew from messing stuff up and fixing it until it worked!

Bring on Day 4!

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