Timeular First Impressions

You may remember this Kickstarter from a couple years ago:

It’s the ZEI! Now called Timeular.

I wanted one for myself for a long time, but sometimes I forgot and sometimes I felt that the price was too steep.

I’ve changed my mind about the expense as I’ve been getting frustrated with just HOW MUCH MAINTENANCE regular time-tracking requires. Also I came into some money by ditching some of my old video game stuff at CeX, so I can safely indulge in a geeky gadget with no guilt.

Oh, you can have an app to track it? Yeah I know, open all the damn time.

Or write it down in a notebook and take a photo at the end of the day? No thanks.

How about an app that actively tracks what I’m doing on the computer? Well, Big Brother, I spend a good amount of time jotting ideas in my notebook and leaning back and thinking, this ain’t gonna work without a camera and I am NOT in for that.

Which brings me to the polyhedral ZEI, now Timeular.

It sits there on your desk, then you just flip it and boom, it’s tracking time.

It looks good, it’s easy to use and the physical presence is a constant reminder to use it.

Hello gawjus

I’ve also managed to easily pair it with my laptop and phone and see it track on both, so it’s working well enough. The best apps are the most hands off that give tons of useful data and this looks like it’s going to be one of those.

It’s too early to say that I love it, but I definitely have a strong liking already.

That’s all for now, but I’ll keep you readers posted!

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