Blogs Are Awesome Because…

Blogs are awesome because they can be about anything in the world that you want them to be. My personal blog right here for example, is about Data Science, Business Analysis, Excel and my life. Maybe I could focus on just one topic, but to me that would be dull and you wouldn’t get a flavour for a man behind the words if I just focused on one thing.

Besides, much of my life is about work and data, if I took those out there wouldn’t be much else of interest.

Well, except for my personal finance journey I suppose…

And gradual transformation from consumerism to minimalism…

And building the best relationship I’ve ever seen with my wife…

Or my difficulty with social interest and the challenges that causes me to face…

Okay, so there are plenty of other things I could talk about on here, but it’s more fun for me to jump around between topics!

The reason I am thinking about why blogs are awesome today is for two reasons:

  1. I sent a note to my boss about starting an internal blog and it was positively received. I’ve now sent him a very brief but informative slide deck and am looking forward to his response.
  2. I have already generated some interest in an internal blog with another person in the company and others have shown interest in better knowledge sharing.

It may not turn out to be an internal blog, but I’m very happy that the discussion is happening now. As giving away all my best ideas is one of my passions (weird right?), this is an exciting development for me and I’m looking forward to the future.

So I’ll need to brush up on my writing so that I can keep up when whatever is going to happen does happen!

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