Progress Against The Past

A couple weeks ago I attempted to declutter by selling off my old games consoles. It was mostly successful, I sold off over £280 worth of stuff, but my second-hand PS4 had been opened before I bought it and apparently my PS3 didn’t output HD, so the tech store I was selling to couldn’t accept either. Boooooo!

So I’ve been putting off doing anything with them because I need to wipe them before I can sell them and I do not currently own a TV. I had been playing my PS4 on VR so it wasn’t a problem for that.

Anyway, having to wipe them myself was a bother and not having a TV made it tricky. I thought of asking to borrow one but who borrows a TV? I also thought about getting one of those HDMI capture things and connecting the consoles to my laptop, but they’re pretty damn pricey!

Luckily, I had a brainwave and suddenly remembered that I bought a cheap projector years ago that I used very little because it was super loud and made a lot of hot air. Because it was so cheap, I had never gotten around to trying to sell it off and boy was I glad today about that!

Right now both my consoles are switched on slowly formatting themselves. It’s such a weight off my shoulders to finally find a way to do this, I’m so pleased that I actually had to blog it!

Once this is done, I can sell these both off and be done with my past obsession. I love gaming, I really do, but it was a crutch for most of my life to make up for the lack of goodness.

Now my life is so full of goodness, I don’t need these things.

And I still have a gaming laptop anyway!

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