It’s Not Too Late To Get A 2020 Diary Or Calendar

They’ll all be on sale right now, since they’re normally given as Christmas gifts or bought before the year begins.

If there is a particular calendar or diary that you want to be absolutely sure you can get, I’d say buy it sooner. Otherwise, waiting until after Christmas is definitely a smart move.

Plus it forces you to consider calendars, diaries or planners that you may not have otherwise.

Last year I had a calendar of cartoons, 1 per day. There were some duds and some really good ones, and overall I really enjoyed having a new thing to look at every day.

This year we picked up a calendar of daily brain teasers. It might not be funny, but it should be somewhat interesting at least. 2 days in and it’s doing okay so far.

But the real star of the show is the outrageously camp motivational diary I picked up for myself from a little stall in the local shopping center.

It’s got random days, such as ‘smile at everyone day’ or ‘vow to never eat your body weight in roast potatoes again day’, which is really cute. And each month begins with a motivational message, January is about releasing the biscuit and freeing your inner six-pack, or failing that, seizing a hot chocolate on the sofa.

I like stuff like this, it’s just a bit of silly fun. Plus a bit of amusement in the beginning will help me build the habit of checking it daily, which is great as it is a planner as well as a diary.

So if you want to be organised and motivated, it’s not too late to get a calendar, diary or planner that will help get you there. And don’t be afraid to get something completely silly, if it helps you build a good habit, it could be the smartest purchase you make all year.

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