Need More Frogs In My Diet

Over the December holidays I was supposed to study much more than I did. It’s my fault that I’m now behind, but I was also a bit scared of what I had to do. I’ve got some essay work still to do and a write-up of a mini programming task I completed.

The thing I was most scared of before was maths, and I’ve slowly been addressing that. Khan Academy has worked wonders for me, as well as the book ‘Calculus Made Easy’. But then I ended up sticking to that because it was an easy tangible goal to work towards. I knew what success looked like and I could see it happening each time I studied.

Writing up my programming work though and redoing an essay with new information? Ugh, that scared the heck out of me and I just didn’t want to get started.

So here I am today, having mostly conquered my fear but just a little more than a week to finish.

It’s still early so I won’t beat myself up too much, I just need to make sure I’m learning these lessons about meeting challenges now and stop putting things off. As the popular books says, Eat That Frog!

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