Data Science Contact Week 2: Finished!

Today marks the end of my second contact week for my Data Science apprenticeship.

My main takeaway is the same as last time, I should not be so worried about being behind, if I just put in the hours, I’ll be fine. After this week, I can even envision myself getting ahead as we now have 3 months until the next contact week.

In between there are reports, assessments and reflections that we have to complete or at least work on, plus the professors will be sending us homework assignments almost weekly. But it’s going to be fine, I’ve rediscovered my motivation and I’m looking forward to some more self-directed studying!

What I really need to work on is my maths, as before. Now though, I have an advantage. Our professors have made it really clear what maths we really need to understand, and I’ve even been using some of it this week, properly! So as long as I carry on doing what I’m doing now and keep working on it until I understand it, year 1 is going to be fine!

Probability, Linear Algebra and Calculus are the main mathematical challenges. All things covered thousands of times over by many other course, free and paid.

So back to normal life now, albeit with a lot more studying and more attention to my assignments.

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