Getting Up To Speed For Data Science: Attitude

At the end of last year I was losing faith in my ability to study Data Science. Even though I had had a good first contact week, the material was incredibly difficult for me to understand. Following that, I wanted to work hard on my maths, but really had to start at a much lower point than I expected. It was pretty demotivating, but once I started, it wasn’t too horrible to keep going.

Then the preparatory requirements for the next teaching week appeared and I got even more demotivated. I had to work on my initial essay submission again, with the stuff I’d learned from my first week! I hardly learned anything in my first week, except how to use LaTeX in Overleaf and how to use a Jupyter notebook.

So I lost the energy to do much really. I’d thought that working on my maths would be enough and then it wasn’t. It sucked.

But after the second teaching week and talking with enough other students to realise I wasn’t alone, I feel much better.

I didn’t understand everything, but I learned enough to realise that I can learn it all. There is some catching up to do, but the gaps are not as big as I thought. The main obstacle was actually my attitude and fear.

It doesn’t matter how far behind you are, as long as you have the right attitude, you can catch up.

Attitude is what got me to where I am in my career. Attitude is what led me to choose Data Science for my apprenticeship. Attitude got me the life I have today.

I just need to remember that and apply as positive an attitude to everything that I can.

And part of that is accepting what I don’t know or can’t do and just moving past it, whether that be via learning or genuinely moving on from something in my life.

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