Organisation and checking your work

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, which means it’s a good opportunity to catch up!

I’m becoming more focused on organising and pursuing my goals, I’ve even started taking notes in OneNote. Paper notebooks just aren’t as flexible as digital ones, I can’t elaborate on a note later unless I rewrite it on a new page or leave loads of space, and it’s quite likely to get messy. I hate messy, I love organised. I hate organising manually, I love automatic organisation.

I’m starting to work on organising the way I work as well, as there have been a couple of shortfalls with just winging it. One is that you can fool yourself into thinking you’ve done something when you haven’t. You know like when you’re writing a sentence and you skip a word because you said it in your head already? I’ve caught myself doing that with sub-tasks in a process, then I need to go back and fix things and it just takes time and creates mess.

People often say that there isn’t time to put in all the checks and balances when you’re working on something that needs to be done fast. That’s true to a degree, but when you know you’re going to use that thing again and again, you better put those checks in or you’re headed for trouble.

So OneNote for tracking my thoughts and insights as I go along and then checks and balances built into my work.

Something I read about a while ago in an Agile novel was self-testing programs. They actively look for errors at each step to ensure everything is working as expected. Great principle, great value to have, difficult to implement.

I have some more thoughts to put down in text and this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I’ll cut it short for now and save it for the next one!

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