Interrupting bad behaviours to replace them with good

I’ll be honest, for a little while I let myself get wrapped up in news stories. Predominantly the stuff going on with Trump in the US and the nonsense going on over here with Brexit.

Sure, some of it was entertaining and we all like to let ourselves get a little outraged sometimes, but following the news gives little benefit really.

On the one hand there’s good news, more people are starting to take climate change seriously at least. On the other hand, we have all this stuff with the far right and the far left and nobody meeting in the middle. Rubbish.

Meanwhile on Blinkist, the app that distills books into 15 minute summaries, I have a huge backlog. How can I have a backlog of 15 minute reading sessions? I can always spare 15 minutes to read, and yet I haven’t been doing that! I’ve been sparing 5 minutes to catch up on news, 10 minutes to watch a satirical comedian comment on the news, 30 minutes browsing Reddit to see what news the denizens of the internet deem important for the day…

No more, I’m going to crack through that backlog and get through those summaries. I’ve picked up some interesting full books after being inspired by the summaries before and I don’t think we can ever have too much inspiration really.

After reading, writing and typing are both worthy habits to put more effort into. I’ve been hand writing notes at work with a fountain pen and noticed my penmanship improving. It’s a good feeling when your hand flows across the paper and words spill out in pleasing shapes.

And I’ve begun organising my thoughts and knowledge by typing it up in OneNote. I know that it’s inferior in some way or other to the goliath that is Evernote, or whatever your favourite app for notes is. But on the other hand, it’s included in my Office 365 subscription and I don’t feel confused looking at the interface. Do what you can with what you have whereever you are.

I hope I can also blog more, because if yesterday is any indication of my state of mind, I have a lot to get out of my head!

So reading, writing and typing. My new old habits to rebuild and replace the news. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Interrupting bad behaviours to replace them with good

  1. Good luck! ? I echo these thoughts and have also been making an effort to put down the phone/tablet/laptop and go back to my beautiful friends, the books I’ve bought and carefully placed on our shelves… ? And we can amuse ourselves more with board games, like we did yesterday x

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