Preparing Myself For The Future

Something that I have always been comfortable and good at is learning new work skills. My Excel skills for example have only gotten better and better and been the backbone of my career for the last 5 years. With all of the different jobs I’ve undertaken that were heavily Excel focused, I’ve also developed great analytical skills too through experience.

But there are some ways in which I haven’t been directly developing myself that I should be now. I’m talking about leadership skills.

Throughout my working life I’ve been exposed to good and bad leaders. I have also strived to be a good role model for others and try to guide people to take a more optimistic view of how things at work are going. This has been helpful, but it’s not enough to be a leader.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve begun to take leadership more seriously. In my last role and my current role, the subject of leadership is something that has come up with managers and they’ve been interested in having someone junior beneath me. It hasn’t happened yet, perhaps partially because I did my work well enough that there just wasn’t a strong enough need for a junior, but perhaps partially because I haven’t made myself ready.

This year that changes. I’ve spoken with some career consultants about developing my career and my manager about improving these areas as well, which he is on board with. I’m actually starting to feel a little impatient about getting started on this road, now that the beginning of it seems so close.

Last week I browsed through a book on leadership but didn’t pick it up on the day. Today I went back and bought the book and have started reading it and I’m proud to say that I can claim to have several leadership qualities already.

I’m on the right track but I need to light a new torch and lay down the Excel one, what got me here won’t get me where I’m going.

Of course, I’ve also got to keep Data Science in mind, but I don’t think this new course will be a distraction. It’s basically interleaving and that’s a great way to learn according to Barbara Oakley’s Learning How To Learn course!

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