Getting Certified in BI Reporting

From looking into the learning around Power BI, it seems like the difficult part is combining data and adding calculated measures.

For the last 9 months, I’ve been using Power Query and for the last 4 months I’ve been using Power Pivot. Both of these are the backend in Power BI that drive all the data transformation stuff you see in dashboards.

Although I’m still not using Power BI at work, it does look like that’s the way we’re headed and with that in mind and my experience with the backend of Power BI, I thought now would be a good time to validate my current skills and see what else I need to work on.

The reason this is on my mind again now is that I’ve actually been seeing some of Excel professionals sharing the successes of their connections on LinkedIn, where they have achieved certification in things like BI reporting. After the learning I did in Tableau last year and the work I’ve been doing all the rest of the time in Excel, I feel like I want to get in on that too and prove that I’ve progressed!

Here is the certification in question that I’m aiming for, and I’m hoping to get in the space of around 2-4 weeks:

I’ve started with the Excel side because that’s more familiar to me and should be pretty straight forward. I imagine the visualisation side could be a little more difficult, but hopefully my previous learning in Tableau and experience with normal Excel charting will help me through here.

I don’t anticipate this to be a big thing, and it isn’t Data Science, but I just feel like I want to lock down and validate what I think I achieved last year so I can move on and focus on really hard stuff, like Linear Algebra.

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