We Need More Leaders And Fewer Politicians

Right now in the middle of this pandemic, we are still seeing people in positions of authority putting appearances and politics ahead of the public good.

For example, we have President Trump of the United States passing on the recommendation that people wear masks to prevent spread of the disease covid-19 from asymptomatic people, but refusing to wear one himself. Way to be a role model.

We have NHS trusts in the UK ordering staff not to wear masks, and then nurses who are needed more than ever right now having patients cough directly into their faces, so these nurses quit for fear of their own health.

Weeks before the UK lockdown we had employees across the country volunteering and begging to be allowed to work from home before the shit hits the fan, only to be told by their employer that they needn’t do that until the government advises it. Way to prepare and protect your employees.

We had NHS workers and vulnerable people begging the public on social media and the news not to stockpile for days and days before supermarkets finally began imposing restrictions that could have been put in place from the first day they saw stock flying off the shelves.

We are getting official advice today that was well known as good advice weeks ago from people who know better than us. Scientists, academics, healthcare professionals. That these things are suddenly welcome now is a joke.

We look at countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Iceland, where they imposed drastic measures early on and their countries are continuing to function and spending a lot less money and effort on containing the pandemic because of that. They saw what happened in China and they said ‘no’.

Too many people think that they should be in a position of power and authority to make a difference, and we didn’t get enough information out to the general public, and life will pay the price. We’re going to lose a lot more people than we had to with this.

I don’t know if anyone will read this, but even though my wife prepared us earlier than most and I consider us pretty ‘safe’ in this crisis, I am sick that there are so many people who aren’t because of the constant mistakes of those who are meant to protect us all.

I’m going to carry on studying and trying to get better at what I’m doing with Data Science, and I am going to make sure that what I’m doing in the future contributes to something that matters. I’m going to be a leader in the way I act and tell the truth and do the right thing, because what is the point of anything else when something like this hits us all?

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