Happy Liability Reduction Day

It’s been a long time since I last wrote and honestly I’ve just been prioritising a lot of other things ahead of writing.

But today is a very good day and a day to write about that, as with the pandemic and people staying home to keep themselves safe, a bit of good news is worth having.

My bit of good news is that today I sold the house I had bought over 3 years ago, thinking it would be an investment at the time but it just turned into a chore and a nightmare. With the money from the sale, I cleared all of my credit card debts and now all I owe is monthly rent, bills and subscriptions.

Oh, and my gaming laptop is on a payment plan, but that’s well within my budget.

Having lived as a single income household for over a year, whilst also paying debts and the costs of owning a property, the sudden withdrawal of all those expenses is incredibly liberating. In essence, I’ve just given myself a 20%-50% pay rise.

I have a lot of other good news, but this is the good news for today. Stay tuned for the rest soon!

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