Liability Reduction Celebration Cake

Today whilst watching episodes of the Sketch show on YouTube, I saw a sketch with cake in it, and I realised that amongst all the high fiving, hugging, kissing and general celebrating yesterday, I didn’t even plan to have a cake!

To me, all proper celebrations have a cake.

Part of the reason that we didn’t have a cake on the day is because of the pandemic. I don’t care that the government wants to start easing it, I would rather trust the scientists that care about loss of life than the government who clearly doesn’t.

But the main reason, that I didn’t really think about until today, was that actually I was still waiting for things to go wrong. The buyer to pull out, the solicitors to have some problem, the amount to not be enough to cover debts and have some left over, or for some extremely inopportune and heart breaking fraud.

I know that’s quite a pessimistic view from someone who likes to be optimistic, but we did have two previous buyers pull out (although not right at the end).

So the day after everything was clear and done, we went out, with facemasks, and got us some celebration cake. And we celebrated again.

Today was a relaxing day of cake and games for me, with a little bit of data science research because that’s got to be almost every day for me if I want to succeed with this, and I do.

More on that in the next few days!

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