My First Portfolio Submission

I’ve just finished the last piece for my portfolio submission, with the deadline being tomorrow noon. That may seem like I’ve left it quite late, and I have, but in my defense I had been fighting against an incredibly strong level of demotivation beforehand.

I’d gotten myself to a point where I really wasn’t sure that I was up to this challenge. This led me to procrastinate and not complete as much work as I needed to beforehand.

This of course absolutely flies in the face of my last post, where I said that doing the course work, or portfolio in this case, was one of the best ways to learn. But knowing something and putting it into action are very different things and before I completed my reports, I was really struggling to put thought into action.

I’m not submitting my portfolio immediately, enough time has passed since completing some parts that I would still like to take a couple of hours reviewing it, see what I can improve. It probably won’t be much, as I still feel like I’m at the low end of the learning curve, but it’s still worth the effort to ensure I can be proud of what I submit.

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